You can do THAT with paper?

The answer is yes. I’m speaking about a “new” (It’s been around since the Renaissance) paper art/crafting that is hitting the mainstream called paper quilling. I’ve seen kits at places like Hobby Lobby for years, but never thought much of it. But boy did I change my tune when the July 2011 edition of HOW hit the news stands. I had to do a double-take: That’s not a computer generated cover. That’s paper that has been manipulated (by hand) to look like letters and beautiful ornamentation. I immediately flipped to the cover credits and found out that the work belongs to a woman from Russia named Yulia Brodskaya. Once I started perusing her website, I knew I had happenstanced upon something that was truly amazing.

She’s worked with companies ranging from Target to Penguin Classic book covers! She calls her craft “Papergraphic” which integrates a use/love of typography and paper. Sounds like a new genre of graphic design that I could get behind! The intricacy of her work is just mind boggling. Each is a strip of paper. Individually cut and glued. I’m detail-oriented, but this is on a whole new level!

Quilling first surfaced during the Renaissance, when French and Italian nuns, using left over strips of paper from illuminated manuscripts would quill them to adorn bibles and other religious piece of work. Like anything, such as letterpress printing, it is a historical practice that is seeing a resurgence of popularity, but with a modern twist. Yulia is doing exactly that with her designs. A time-honored technique, but with a beautiful typographic twist to it.

Interested in trying your hand at paper quilling? To see a quick instructional video, click here. All the supplies needed to attempt paper quilling can purchased at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. To purchase an entire kit, click here.

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