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Ernst Haeckel: The man who did it all…and did it well.

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Ernst Heinrich Philipp August Haeckel is an 1800s German biologist, naturalist, philosopher, zoologist, physician and artist. This was a man that was able to take all of his interests and do some very rather impressive things with them. The part that interests me most is that he is responsible for d [...]

Changing the conversation…with yourself.

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Inspirational quotes: You either love them or hate them. I tend to be a revolving door of them, but I never stick with one for very long because they either wear out their use or they end up failing me. But there is one quote, really three individual pearls of wisdom, that I keep coming back to and [...]

The Living Letter Press gets a visit!

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Last weekend I took a fantastic trip to The Living Letter Press (see here) in Champaign, IL. This wonderful establishment is owned by John Bonadies (see here), whom I [...]