Abigail Steinem: Designer & Educator

Welcome! I am a designer and at heart, an educator, which informs my design process at every turn (“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”). I have a strong background in visual communication design, which has served me very well, but the process of isolating my thinking to just the final artifact felt like I was ignoring an integral part. I needed to know my end users and ultimately gain empathy for their lives to better design a solution for them.

When I returned to graduate school in 2013 at University of Washington, School of Art + Art History + Design, I was able to learn the design process that allows me to gain that much needed insight into my users: Design Thinking. I now approach each new project with those 5 steps in mind, even if that project is only 3 hours long. Between my solid knowledge for creating artifacts, this new foundational design process, and being a keen qualitative researcher (aka knowledge sponge), I finally feel prepared to approach almost any new design endeavor with confidence.

I seek to join creative communities that are approaching new dilemmas (be that experience, service, product, etc.) and through collaboration, hard work, and hopefully a little fun, arrive at successful outcomes that benefit our users and clients equally.

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Abigail Steinem Resume