An ode to others…

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today’s post is about thanking those who have helped us get to where we are. Now as you read these lines, I’m sure certain people are popping into your brain. These are the people who have become special to us, and have played roles in helping us become the graphic designers we are today. So I urge you, along with your regular valentines, do make a few extra and send those to those who you wish to thank.

Below you will find my list of people (I’m sure I will miss people, but I will continue to work on thanking these people) that I wish to officially send valentines to so that they will know that they have shaped me and I greatly appreciate that.

In no particular order:
Sandy Steinem (aka Momma): I owe my creativity to you. Hell, I am half of you! There was no craft project you wouldn’t let me try and I’m sure I made tons of messes doing them. Thanks for letting me make my creative messes.

Joseph Steinem (aka Poppa): I also owe my creativity to you. Whereas Mom was more crazy messes, we made more constructive messes by building crazy and often beautiful furniture. You also taught my my love of architecture, when translated into my love of art history.

Grandpa Steinem: You showed me that taking 150 photos a day wasn’t a bad thing. I think that translates to, that if you do something with love, others will eventually see the value.

Jenny El-Shamy: You have been my mentor, friend, and cheerleader.

Paul Brown: Letterpress, letterpress, letterpress.

James Reidhaar: You made me appreciate my graphic design past, so I could appreciate where I was going.

Tom Walker: You rebel you. Thanks for keeping with graphic design club.

David Wolske: You got some of the best work out of me. I may have developed an ulcer in your class, but it was all worth it.

Jeff Hanson: I always enjoyed out conversations. You could always set me on the right path.

Shravan Rajagopal: You helped me push my boundaries in the letterpress shop because you pushed your own boundaries. Oh, yes and I learned that palette knives have 5 sides…haha

Brendan Jansen: You made me see the world different. I will never look at 5 sheets of paper on the floor the same way again, ever.

Mr. Shumaker: You made me appreciate words and their beauty.

Mr. Wheeler: You showed me what real research looked like.

Brett Rothstein: You made me see the details. Every single freaking one.

Mrs. Koubacki: You let me be a wild and crazy creative kid. You never held me back.

Mr. Berry: You made me LOVE art history and pretty much got me through high school. I miss you.

Tersina Pavel: You are my creative god mother. I fell in love with patterns, beads, and soap boxes because of you.

At this point I’m sure I’ve missed 10-20 people who have played a large part in who I am, but as I think of people, I’ll continue to update it on here. Everyone should be thanked for the roles they play in our lives. Don’t forget to tell those special people thank you in your lives.

2 thoughts on “An ode to others…”

  1. David
     ·  Reply

    Abby, I pushed you hard because I knew what you were capable of accomplishing, and you always rose to the challenge. Keep up the good work! Give my regards to the ulcer 😉

  2. Josepm M. Steinem
     ·  Reply

    Good Morning Sweetheart/Babycakes, Thank you and it has been a Joy for me. Love you, Dad

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