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I’ve had my website for just a little over a year. I was slow to start my blogging, but once I did, well I can’t imagine not doing it on a weekly basis. I’ve got a whole slew of topics that I keep on hand to write about, just in case nothing super inspiring comes along, but so far I haven’t had to use them. Everywhere I get my topic, get to researching or talking about the topic with others to get their views. Then I sit down and get to typing. Upon completion, I send out a nice email to you lovely people telling you that I have written something new and that you should check it out. Usually I would wait, see if anyone commented online or said something to me in person. Well, the waiting is over! I now have Google Analytics attached to my website!

I had been hearing a couple of friends and colleagues speaking about Google Analytics, but really had no clue what it did or how it worked. So after speaking with Eric Shalley, my web guru/extraordinaire, he said I had to get it and that it would make all the difference in how I looked at my website, both functionally and just keeping track of basic traffic on the site. He was right. Once he set it all up a few days ago, I was so surprised! I could now see how many people were looking at my website in a day, what they were looking at, how long they looked at it, and where they were hailing from in the world! I was utterly speechless (which is truly uncommon for me)! Now, I know that Google Analytics probably does a ton more than I’m even utilizing, but if you have a website and don’t have this attached to your site, well you’re missing out. Get on it!

To know more about Google Analytics or get signed up yourself, just click this link. It has all the information you’ll need to help you get started or tip your scale if you’re still not sure if it is for you. Good luck and let me know how it works on your site(s)!

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