Apple looks to education in the future

It’s no secret that the education program in the United States is having troubles. The statistics are out there that in numbers, the U.S is not doing well at all. We are not at the height of our capabilities. Coming from two public school teachers, I do know that those statistics are not from trying, at least on the part of teachers.

But perhaps more is needed. It is also no secret that teenagers and children are addicted to technology: smartphones, ipads, computers, etc. It’s as my parents have always said, “Abby, you grew up with computers, so that’s why you are so much more knowledgable about them we are.” Well I think the same thing has happened with the next generation, just 8-10 years younger than myself. They have grown up with even more technology than I ever did. Their attention spans are different and they’re learning how to interact with information differently as well. It doesn’t mean that many classic methods of learning and teaching are no longer necessary, perhaps it just means it needs a bit of a facelift.

So I’m presenting here the video of the launch of Apple’s iBooks 2. Even I have to admit that these textbooks were really amazing. So many different options, so many different ways of taking in information: reading, hearing, visually, etc.

So watch the video connected to this link and let me know your thoughts. Will you miss your paper books? Do you want to go back to school and take an ipad with you instead of 40 pounds of books? Let me know!

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