Changing the conversation…with yourself.

Inspirational quotes: You either love them or hate them. I tend to be a revolving door of them, but I never stick with one for very long because they either wear out their use or they end up failing me. But there is one quote, really three individual pearls of wisdom, that I keep coming back to and that people continue to tell me about. Over the next couple of months I’m going to dispense these three pearls, letting you soak each one in and mull them over.

Here is the first one:

Simple enough, I know. But you would be surprised how often people want to do something, but automatically tell themselves that they can’t. Either because they don’t think they can or that someone will tell them no. But honestly, if you don’t ask, the answer really is no. So what is the harm in asking? The part that resonates with me the most is that sometimes you have to give yourself permission to do something. Many times this statement doesn’t even have to do with someone else giving you permission to do something. We have a great way of getting in between ourselves and things that we want.

From a creative stand point, we are often working for another person. So our decisions aren’t always our own. You might have a fantastic idea that you know will be an awesome solution for your client, but before even showing them you decide it won’t work. Why? This client came to you for a reason. They wanted a solution. You can give them one that they’re going to be completely comfortable with, so why not keep the comfortable solution in your pocket and show them something they’re not entirely expecting? The worse they can say is no and at least you know now. Give yourself the courage to throw something out there. You’ll most likely be happier that you did than if you just stayed safe.

So think about this pearl of wisdom. It might not work at all for you, but you will be surprised when this statement pops up in your head when you’re trying to make decisions in the future.

Go forth and start asking! I promise more good than harm will come from this!

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