Death by Power Point

In a world where “going paperless” is what so many corporations aspire to, the amount of Power Points have increased exponentially. I have to say, I’m not entirely sure how they have helped though. At least with a piece of paper I can fold it up into a paper airplane when I’m done. With a power point, I’m left with a glazed look, a feeling of emptiness, and an overwhelming need to run from the room. It’s not a pretty picture.

Am I alone in my feelings about power points? Yeah, right. Designers around the world have had a power point thrown on their desks numerous times and been told, “Fix this!” or to “Make it pretty.” ::hit forehead against desk::

The power points will probably continue to show up on my desk, but at least now I can laugh about the fact that I’m not alone and that others think that power points have gotten just a little bit ridiculous. Comedian Don McMillan takes an obvious approach in poking fun and pointing out the ridiculous about power points, but dang it! He’s right!

So watch, enjoy, and relish in the fact that it’s Friday! At least for the next two days, you don’t have to touch a powerpoint or even watch one!

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