Do you tote?

I’d say that in the last 10 years, there has been a resurgence of interest in eco-friendly, bio-degradeable, and anything else that will help our Earth be here a few years longer. People are going the extra mile to not use throw away cups anymore, or to use less paper towel when drying their hands. The graphic design community is not immune from this movement either. Many letterpress printers (and offset printers) are now using soy based inks and are using papers that are recycled to cut down on the carbon foot print of the design community.

Along these same lines are the totes. It used to be that you might have a tote because you spent more than $35 at a Clinique makeup counter. Or perhaps you had one because you won it in a raffle. But they were not as prevalent as they are now. I can’t even check out at a store without being offered the option to buy one. Every store has them. People will give you evil stars if you actually walk out of a store with a plastic bag. Totes are now safer….haha

Totes have taken on a life of their own though. They’ve become another canvas for people to personalize and use them as a personal statement as to the kind of person you are. Some people like ones with witty comments. Other’s like plain colors. Or perhaps you want to show that you support a certain cause. Whatever your personal statement might be, I finally found some totes that represent me: Book cover totes!

I found them at Barnes and Nobles a few months ago and I bought all of them! They were at the check out (obviously) and only cost $1.29. I had been holding out on adding to my tote collection until I really found something special. Consider it found! So check out your local Barnes and Nobles and see if they have your favorite novel in tote form. You won’t regret it!

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  1. Eric D
     ·  Reply

    I see a trend in neighborhood shops branding their own totes. And they are just getting cooler and more attention-grabbing. I recently got one at this shop: You can probably see their orange totes with the awesome handles in their homepage. It says “What Chicago Makes Makes Chicago.” It’s a great way to show where you’ve been, cut down on your waste, and support local business!

  2. admin
     ·  Reply

    I totally agree Eric! They really have taken on a life of their own. Utilitarian items used to be beautifully created, such as the Art Nouveau era. I completely appreciate the fact that a spoon could have that artistry added to it. I feel like the same concept is coming around with the totes. They’re utilitarian, but why leave them boring? Jazz them up, make them interesting! Thanks for posting Eric! I can always count on you!

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