Don’t trip over Thanksgiving…

Ah yes…It’s that time again. Possibly the biggest time for advertiser’s work, perhaps other than the Super Bowl. Today is Black Friday! That will mean that many of you won’t even be reading this post until you’ve recovered from being up at 3:00 am to stand in line to get those door busters and find that perfect electronic that you’ve waited all year to buy.

I’ve been known to venture out once or twice on Black Friday. I even worked Black Friday once (Barnes & Nobles) and I saw just how crazy Black Friday can get, especially when you are out of stock of something. But I digress. What catches my attention more so, are the advertisements that stores put out to get people pumped up and ready to let the cash flow from their pockets. Most are rather ridiculous and gimmicky, but some truly have some good concepts behind them. Enjoy and happy shopping!

Target does it again. They had this same theme last year of a “ChristmasChamp”, which is played by Melissa Bamford. She is truly funny and slightly deranged. But she gets the job done of entertaining potential shoppers and showing how shopping is truly like playing a sport. Don’t forget your sweat bands…


Kohl’s is no dummy when it comes finding something to catch their audience’s attention. Remember that little song by Rebecca Black that went viral, popularizing a specific day of the week? Oh yes, Kohl’s went there with no apologies. I tip my hat to you Kohl’s.


As much as The Bieb can get a bit annoying, I like that they’re actually playing up the absurdity that surrounds that teen. At least he’s not singing…

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