Emirates Airline: Not your average brand!

I’ve had brands on the brain. The final project for the class that I recently taught at the University of Washington was based around brand channels ranging from logos to websites. So obviously, everywhere I look my brain is on brand overload. While my class focused on visual communication design skills, I knew that there were many brand channels that we weren’t even getting to discuss. One of which is sponsorship. Think about Coke: if there is ever a sporting event, you can bet their logo can be seen on every cup, to-go container, exit sign, and hallway (I’ve heard even urinal cakes can be branded! What won’t they think of next??). But as my amazing TA and design extraordinaire Chad P. Hall once said, “Brands are living, breathing, and growing. Let them.” That hit a note with me. When managing and designing for a brand, it’s important to be consistent in the message you’re sending your audience, but the form in which that takes can come in many varieties.

Emirates is an airline based on of Dubai. While I have never flown with them, I would certainly like to one day! Their brand represents high-class, luxury, and a dedication to full-filling any and all needs. But that level of service is available from their first class to their economy. They’re an equal opportunity service, if you will. Over the years I have seen several of their advertisements and all those brand attributes are strong, but there is always a playfulness present (See their ad with Jennifer Aniston). That could not be more true than in their sponsorship of football (soccer for you Yanks) games. They could have easily slapped their logo on a few banners (which I’m sure they did), but they went a step further to show just what they’re all about, perfectly combining their business (airline travel) with the activity they’re sponsoring (football). A truly perfect blend!

Viewers were obviously delighted when it went from a cute “safety presentation” of the stadium to full out and kick-ass football moves by their airline staff. You can tell that the audience’s experience will retain an even more positive image of the Emirates airline brand going forward. More so than any logo on a cup could ever do.

So the big questions is…when can I book my flight?

Do you have a favorite brand? One that delights you are every new turn? Tell me all about it in the comments section!

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