Father’s Day…with an old school twist.

Father’s Day is just a mere few days away and I am sure many of you are scrambling around to find a card (We’ve all been there). However, for those of you that already have a card and want to get a little more crafty with your gift to your Father, then I have just the thing!

Martha Stewart has done it again. They’re now creating DIY templates that most people would never even know how to create, but now they have them with a click of a button. Just throw some paper in a printer and you too can possess the letterpress aesthetic (sarcasm). The purist in my struggles with that fact that these might be photoshopped to look this way or that the skill, craftsmanship and immense amount of time to accomplish a letterpress print has been reduced to a few clicks of the mouse. ::sigh:: Granted the printing quality isn’t quite the best and could do with with a bit of ready made for a more even distribution of ink, well, but I digress…

However, I must be able to accept the moving times around me and the fact that at heart I am one of the craftiest (in the sense of creative crafting, not personality…most of the time…haha) people alive and love an added crafted flourish. These labels are pretty cute and would be a good addition to any gift that you might be giving this weekend. While Martha depicted these as labels on jars of okra and other random items, perhaps add it to a canning jar and make a great pencil holder or print them out and make your own card. Even better, add them to your wrapping efforts to bring everything together!

Get these labels here.

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