Look at the fauxgo…

My dear reader, you most likely are slightly confused by the title of this post and asking yourself, “What the heck is a fauxgo?” Do not despair, your answer is coming!

I was getting my oil changed the other day and was flipping through a magazine, one of those that is all about movies and celebrities (yeah, yeah, I know, trashy magazine. But it got me this post!) and I was reading about the new Spiderman movie coming out. Nestled right there in the corner they were talking about movies and how a lot of work goes into creating this fake world. It would look weird if the actors/actresses were walking down streets where there wasn’t a single sign of a business or they were carrying blank cups of coffee or cans of soda. The whole point is that it is supposed to be believable (on some level).

So as I read on I saw a word I had never seen: faux•go (fo-go): A fauxgo (fake logo) is a symbol or other small design created to represent a fictional company or organization that exists only on film. Well of course! That makes total sense! But who knew there were whole websites devoted to it or that people even paid attention to such things. As graphic designers, I’m sure we’re all aware that often times our audience just kind of glazes over our work, but we’re used to it.

I managed to find a great website (there are numerous ones out there) that are dedicated to collecting and storing these fauxgos because let’s me honest, someone had to put time and effort into these things. They didn’t just magically appear. I tried to do some research to see if there are certain studios completely devoted to this type of work. I came up a bit empty. Based on a previous post I did about Harry Potter, there are companies that make the props that require a bit of designing. So perhaps these fauxgos are part of what they do as well.

So check out this website and look around. You’ll be really surprised by how many you recognize, yet didn’t know you had stored them in your head. Also, next time you watch a movie, count how many fauxgos pass you. You might never watch a movie that same way again! Enjoy!

Click link to view the fauxgo site:

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