Stupid-Be-Gone…It does exist!

Yes, yes, I phrase the title of this post as a question because if you’re like most of the people I know, graphic designer or not, you are extremely busy. I think the summer time increases that a bit (everyone wants to be out and about), but really, being busy is not seasonal. Whether you’re planning a wedding, doing freelance, building a house, and the list goes on, people are busier than ever!

I barely have much time to do more than my day job, do my freelance, throw a social occasion in now and then, and then hopefully get some sleep somewhere in there. But that elusive free time does pop up sometimes for me. I had a little appear when I went to make a gift for a friend who was moving away. It’s always fun to do a project with no client other than yourself, with no demands than the ones you want to put on yourself (which I know we all put way too many on ourselves sometimes. We’re perfectionists!)

The friend who was moving away, well we had had many a conversation about stupid people. They tend to bother him more that most people…haha I really try not to judge, but we’ve all had run-ins with stupid people. They exist. They’re there to balance out society. They often bring out anger or laugher in people. For this gift, I chose to go with humor.

I used my skills as a graphic designer and my marketing experience to brand my own spray to keep stupid people away! I wrote all the copy, designed it, and found the photo. Look at this guy! He’s got so many popped collars! The final product was wrapped around a can of compressed air (for cleaning keyboards). It worked perfectly! I didn’t, however, take a picture! Sorry! You’re visual folks though…envision it! I was cracking up as I was writing the copy. Hopefully you find it as funny as I did! hehe

Please take this in it’s intended purpose…a joke. This could easily be changed to Crazy-Be-Gone or Ignorant-Be-Gone (I’m willing to take orders!). So no one freak out! I hope it gives everyone a laugh on this lovely Friday!

Sorry for the small images. WordPress is being less than helpful today…Thanks!

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  1. Lacy
     ·  Reply

    Hahaha, love it! Especially the “Re-Spray as needed.” And that the “very smart people” who made it are of course from Sweden 🙂

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