From Seed to Plate: IKEA’s Indoor Gardening Kit is Arriving!

I have a confession. As a design blog, Industrial Design draws the short end of the stick when I write most of my posts. I’m not sure what’s wrong with me because there are some AMAZING products out there, and not just phones and robots that sweep my floor. Products that find a user need not being met and after some kick-ass iterative work (usually taking place not behind a computer), there is a product that I would love to have in my home.

Lea Martin, one of my close friends and incidentally an Industrial Designer (ID), thinks very different about problem spaces and it’s amazing to be part of those conversations. The affordances for users that are considered from an ID perspective makes you find a deeper connection with your users than this designer thought possible. You often have to consider anatomy, psychology, and the tactile experience even more. Love it.

So this week, I’m talking about a new product from IKEA, an Indoor Gardening Kit via Hydroponics. Last time I grew anything hydroponically was a tomato plant in the 7th grade for my science fair project! As IKEA puts it, “Water, light, and love. That’s all!” and it looks like that could be very true. IKEA put together an upbeat and beautiful video that actually walks you through all the steps of growing lettuce (or possibly some other non-deep root vegetables too?) to your plate.

As a relatively new urbanite with very little space in general, and definitely no soil to call my own, I can see the possibilities of this indoor growing kit going over very well. I believe it’s an innate need and deeply satisfying for people to grow their own food. Plus, hello educational opportunities. Everyone should know where their food comes from and this is a great start in any agriculturally rich education.

Being IKEA though, this is not an ugly kit. Everything is beautifully rendered, precision manufacturing and in true Swedish design, is streamlined and beautiful. Still unclear of pricing (as it isn’t released until April), it’s worth checking out next month. Feel free to buy one for yourself and send one my way too!

IKEA Indoor Growing Kit

Oh, and be sure to thank your favorite Industrial Designer today. They do great work and certainly don’t get praised enough! I will also do better and start introducing more blog posts on what’s going on in the ID community as well 😉

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