Holiday cards are in season!

So I’m not sure about my other designer colleagues, but I can’t wait for this time of year! Holiday cards! I like to get a jump start on making them, but in years past, it’s been a last minute idea that prevailed. It’s just nice to work on a project that has no other requirement than to be fun, entertaining, and freaking awesome! So below is my design. It took me many iterations to try to come up with something halfway original. I even went so far as to google the phrase to make sure I wasn’t ripping someone off.

I wanted to go simple and fun again this year, so I designed a postcard, with a secondary colored paper clued to it’s back to make them seem sturdier, and honestly, add a bit of surprise to them. I went with two colors, red and silver, and before I send them out, I might possibly round the corners. The envelopes will be from paper source and they will either be chartreuse or craft paper. That is still to be decided. Once I have them finalized, I will put up a photo. I want to thank Jenny El-Shamy and Professor Reidhaar for letting me back into the letterpress studio to make these and Miss Laura Kaucher for telling me about the font Fling. It’s a fabulous and festive font!

So enjoy looking and I hope this inspires you to make your own holiday cards, no matter how busy you are. This is a chance for you to really show off your skills! Happy crafting!

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  1. Eric
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    Love the design. Can’t wait to see one in person. A picture rarely does a letterpressed piece justice.

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