HOW Design Conference

Well the waiting is almost over and that special time is quickly approaching…HOW Conference! Watching designers all over the world get excited about this conference is a sight to see. You could easily say the anticipation is equal to little children waiting for Christmas. The event is also like Christmas too in many ways: We get tons of gifts (Who doesn’t love paper sample books, free iphone apps, t-shirts, and beautiful silkscreened posters?), great amounts of amazing food is consumed, and in the end you come away with some funny and sometimes awkward photos…

This will be my second year attending HOW and I have to say, last year was one of the best experiences and I’m sure this year will measure up. The gist of this conference is this: You walk in and there are at least 500 other people who are exactly like you. Okay, not EXACTLY like you. Everyone has their different industry, but under it all, we’re all designers that face the same struggles with clients or a pesky glitch in a software program. You find a few people, grab a beer and let the talking start! No having to explain what kerning is or that 300 dpi is really not negotiable on a print piece. You instantly get a sense of place amongst all these people.

So everyone leaves feeling relieved of their stresses, more informed, their bags slightly heavier than on arrival and creatively rejuvenated. ::Sigh:: I’m counting the days! Look for a blow-by-blow when I return!

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