I’m always out trolling…

Sometimes I get questions as to how I come up with interesting blog posts or where the heck did I learn about that, etc. In all honesty, it comes from friends that send me things, the fact that I religiously follow some very interesting people on twitter, and I go trolling for websites and good ideas. I also just pay attention to things around me and usually I’m asking “why” something is at least 9-10 times a day. It’s the eternal student in me.

So today, I thought I’d bring you some of my favorite sites that always have something interesting to tell me. I know you’ll be bookmarking these sites before the day is done!

Also, remember…You can always send me a website or interesting find. I love finding out about new places to peruse fun and interesting information!

This site is amazing! You can curtail it to where you live and find out what’s going on in your city, but also what’s happening artistically around the world. They always have interesting articles on things you never knew you wanted to read about. I’m always glad when I read one of their articles!


This site I only recently discovered, but I have no problem with being pulled in to all the interesting photographs, illustrations, and videos. This guy finds really offbeat stories, but presents them beautifully and makes them accessible.


As many of you know, I am a girl, and therefore I can easily get sucked in by a beautiful wedding blog. A friend of mine, Laura Kaucher, works in the wedding industry, designing any and everything related to weddings and she’s always sending me links to possibly the most beautiful/creative weddings I have ever seen. These days, a wedding is almost like a gallery opening, displaying the design work of designers, crafters, interior designers, and the list goes on. A lot of artistry goes into these one day events.


I randomly came across the blog of Grace Bonney, and since then she’s published a major book and has become quite a hot topic in the design and DIY world. She’s been traveling back and forth across the country for several months now, talking about her new book, but also keying her followers into some amazing designs, and places to visit. Her blog and twitter feed are never lacking in interesting fodder for me to look through!


So while this is a website usually for purchasing, I also happenstance upon many designers and illustrators selling their wares, which leads me back to their personal websites. Letterpress prints abound, as well as your favorite book covers being put on pillows for your bed. The inspiration never stops here and it even makes you consider selling your own creativity. Side note: I spend far too much money on here…


This list of sites is by no means complete, but I can’t let all of my secrets out! So have fun looking and remember, I’m always up for more sites! Leave a comment and tell me where you go to great a creativity boost!

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