Inspiration #2

I originally thought that when I did these “Inspiration” posts, it was be other people’s work, pictures, paper, etc. So basically it was inspiration that affected my own work. But then I saw this video and it made me think: Why not have inspiration to inspire your life and not just your work? Life inspiration, career inspiration, I often feel it’s one in the same for graphic designers and often times for creative people in general.

So this week, I was inspired by by a video. A young woman who owns the company/store front called Orange Beautiful, based out of Chicago, Illinois. So enjoy the video and feel inspired about more than just your next project!

Emily Martin of Orange Beautiful from ReadyMade Magazine on Vimeo.

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  1. lKelly
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    This clarifies the reason I want to own a store or coffee shop- for the sheer fact of designing & decorating it! Thanks Abby- fun post!

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