Inspiration #3: Happy Easter!

This inspiration post really came together. I couldn’t ask for better timing. Keeping with social stationary and also nodding the proverbial cap at the fact that Easter is this weekend, I went digging in my personal archives. As we all know, graphic designers tend to be collectors. We can’t help it. My most recent love has been postcards. I have quite a growing album of them. I not only love the front of the cards, but also the stories I glean from the writings on the back. Sometimes the messages are so long they wind from the back to the cover. Other times they’re so brief, I would swear these people shared a special code. So I present to you my very special Easter postcards!

This one is beautiful with its Art Nouveau flowers and distinctive ornamental rules. It took me way to long to realize the shapes behind the flowers are actually upside down eggs! Beautiful color schemes here. It has the added bonus of being embossed and gold foiling added to it to really raise the overall experience up a notch. (USA: April 18, 1908)

This is one of my absolute favorite cards! Somehow the chick is parachuting in on an egg. Why you ask? I have no clue. But it’s still fantastic. This card also has silver foil stamping, in what looks like swirl patterns. Perhaps representing the clouds the chick is parachuting through? We may never know. (UK: April 6, 1912)

This one is truly beautiful. This one hails from Germany. As if the flowers and silver ribbon cutting across the card aren’t beautiful enough, a frame is added with a beautiful pastoral scene complete with swans, a majestic lion guarding the pond’s entrance, and a Japanese Cherry Blossom tree. Mind you, the whole image area is roughly a 2″ square. Beautiful work! This card also includes the special process of silver foiling a stippling pattern in the back ground and the ribbon at the bottom containing the Easter greeting. (No year)

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