Inspiration #4

Paint chips. As a child growing up with a father in general contracting and a mother that loved painting anything that had a surface, paint chips were always around. I couldn’t get enough of them. They felt special to me in some way. I always wondered how these paint companies just gave these away? You mean I don’t have to pay for them? I remember my Dad being off in Lowes and I’d go and hang out in the paint section taking as many paint chips as I could without the paint mixer giving me that reproachful look and to go away. Each color chip was so vivid and adding to the overall appeal the names were crazy! Whispy Willow, Beach Comb, Lemon Chiffon, Mystic Meadows, and the list goes on and on.

Sherwin Williams, established in 1866 in Cleveland, Ohio is a staple in the world of paint. With a product that doesn’t really change how do you keep up with the industry? Paint chips!

Using the McKinney Agency, Sherwin decided to let them really create something special: A whole world made out of paint chips. It’s truly amazing what animation can do. The complete marketing campaign consists of 3 commercials, 4 print ads, and an iphone app. You can’t help but look at these commercials and not be completely enthralled with the color. Perhaps this will inspire you to paint a wall a fabulous color on this extended weekend!

These are the print posters. These paint chips were not created through animation and illustration, but by a paper artist named Matthew Sporzynski, based out of NYC. Amazing work!

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    I too collect paint chips! These ads are beautiful.

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