Inspiration #5

Friday afternoons are hard to get through. You’re so close to the weekend and the only thing that stand between you is a few hours. But they can go soooo slowly. What you need is a little musical inspiration to get you through it all! This week’s band is The Sheepdogs, who hail from our neighbor in the north, Canada. They’ve been a band for quite some time, but have only recently started to gather attention. I first heard about The Sheepdogs a while ago, but only briefly. Then to my surprise, I’m scrolling through twitter and I see their name and how they’ve won Rolling Stone’s coveted cover prize. They’re the first band to ever grace the cover of Rolling Stone that isn’t signed. However, that is no longer true. Along with winning the cover, they won a recording contract with Atlantic Records. Yes, they are on itunes now, so head on over!

When I listen to this band, I’m transplanted back into the late 60s and early 70s when musicians were, well musicians. Maybe a little grungy looking, perhaps not the most brand-able, but my oh my, can they rock! They’ve been coined as “boogie rock revivalists” by Rolling Stone and I completely agree. I grew up listening to music in the same melodic genre (I have Hippie parents) and love hearing a revival of a musicality that probably should have never left. Just the other day I had a bit of a huff because I was just fed up with the music that is out there. I have my favorite bands, of course. But the new stuff…well it’s just not cutting it. I need more than an auto tuned, digitally beefed up song. I need guitar riffs, a running base, a lead singer that can actually sing, and a sound that makes me want to get up and dance or listen in sheer awe of their talent. The Sheepdogs are filling each and every one of these requirements!

Perhaps my faith has been renewed a bit now. The Sheepdogs make me want to tap my foot and frankly, not want to press the skip button. So whether you were kicking it up in the 70s, are trying to bring the 70s back, or just want to hear some new (and good!) music, The Sheepdogs are for you! Listen on and let The Sheepdogs help you get through this Friday afternoon!

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  1. Lacy
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    Damnit, i need to get a guitar already- so I can pretend to rock 🙂

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