It’s finally here!

I thought my first blog post should probably contain some thank you’s to those people who really helped me get this website off the ground. Thank you to Eric! You were the first person who talked about personal websites and creating one in a way that was friendly and not scary! You have helped me soooo much! Thank you to my friends Laura, Daniela, Lacy, Laura R., and Ashley. You listened to me talk about ideas through every lunch for weeks. You keep me on track and sane! Thank you to Jenny who is my friend and mentor. Meeting you has taken my life to a great place and you should know that! Lastly, to my parents. You’re always there. Always…hehehe I will always appreciate that!

So the mushiness is out there now. All my thanks to everyone! From here on out I promise to do my blogging best and find some interesting things regarding design, fonts, patterns, colors and anything else design related I come across! So stay tuned!

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