I’ve got interest in Pinterest.

Most creative people are visual. We like to see things, rather than hear things. It’s just how we process. So what better way to collect what interests us visually, than Pinterest!

After weeks of getting Pinterest invites, I finally went to investigate. I admit, at first I was a bit skeptical. I had my own way of collecting interesting things that I passed on the internet. I simply took a screenshot and saved them to a massive folder on my desk top. From time to time I would try to organize everything into folders, but would end up failing miserably.

Pinterest does it all for you! It automatically gives you 5 “boards” which you can change their headings into things that make more sense for you. Mine are broken down into: inspiration, design creativity, for the home, my style, craftiness, and favorite places and spaces. But you can make your boards have any title. Maybe you only want a board to have recipes. Easy! Or you’re planning a wedding and want photo inspiration. Done! It’s completely easy! You can re-pin from a Pinterest feed (basically you see what other people are pinning and you can steal it for your own board!) or you can pin images from the web by simply using the easy toolbar icon you add when you sign up.

I’ve put up a few screenshots below so you get an idea of how it works, but the best is to just jump in and get signed up for your own boards. The site is extremely easy to use!

This is my profile page showing all my pin boards in use.

This is a close up of my “Inspiration” board. Each image has a little frame around it and can include a caption or link.

When you hover over an image, options at the top appear. You can click “repin” and it will direct you to pick which board you would like the image to appear in. Or you can comment/like an image.

Interested in getting your own Pintrest boards? Visit their website to get started!

4 thoughts on “I’ve got interest in Pinterest.”

  1. Daniela
     ·  Reply

    I love Pinterest! and I will take the credit for forcing you to sign up (patting myself on the back). Great minds MUST think alike because my next blog was going to feature Pinterest as well!

  2. Kevin
     ·  Reply

    Why not just use something like bumptop? Admittedly it’s a google product now, so don’t expect it to ever work properly, but it gives you a virtual 3d space on your desktop that you can interact with, pin things to, etc. And it just runs all the time. So your inspiration is all around you while you’re working, just link in a real office space.

    • admin
       ·  Reply

      Very cool Kevin! I had to admit, I’ve never even heard about this product. If someone was interested in that, how would they go about getting it?

  3. admin
     ·  Reply

    Haha, I had to do it because I kept getting tons of spam. I was getting weight loss and cooking spam posts. So my web guy set it up this way. It works out better this way now. And no, if a real person had something to say, I would post it, even if it wasn’t the nicest thing. Thanks for commenting though! I like it! 🙂

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