Looking to the past to design the future.

Greetings readers! Everything that we’re creating today, will one day be yellowed, perhaps have a ripped corner and be stacked in boxes somewhere. Now don’t be angered by that statement. Everything we do has an impact and most likely served its purpose when it was printed/programmed and distributed to your audience. Everything has a shelf life though. Before you know it, you’re being asked to make an update to a piece you did last year. So what happens to the old one? It goes away in a box to be forgotten or is recycled. In 50 years though, someone might pick up your piece of work at an antique mall or flea market and say, “Wow! Look what they were doing 50 years ago! How awesome! I have to have this for inspiration!” They’ll pay $1.00 for it and move onto the next stall, clutching their latest find and thinking how lucky they were to find it.

I found someone’s long lost work in a stack of old books at an antique mall a couple weeks ago. I just couldn’t believe it when I found it. It was gorgeous! Very Art Deco, which represented elegance, modernity, and functionality during the 1930s. So I immediately paid my $3.00 for it, clutched it and went straight home to try to do a little research. Come to find out, I have a first edition (1936) of entitled The Book of the Camp Fire Girls. The content of the book was interesting, but I hardly read a word. I was more interested in this amazing cover of beautiful shapes and the great looking fonts. No designer was listed, and yet here stood this beautiful book, who had with held time.

As we often know, designers don’t always get recognition for the work they do, but one day, your work might be picked up and cherished too. So the moral of this story is that it might take a while, and you may never get the satisfaction of someone telling you your work is wonderful, but your work will be out there for everyone to view and you will know that you’ve continued the cycle. What a lovely thought…

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