Meet my new design pen pal!

One of the perks of getting further into the design community is that you start to know people. You make connections, collaborate on projects with each other, and often become long-distance friends, perhaps never meeting them, but talking on the phone, exchanging numerous emails, and getting to know each other as designers and people. It was initially a strange concept to me, but then I realized it was like having a pen pal again. Remember those? Probably in middle school you were given the address of a child in some distant location (I had one in England), and you would write letters back and forth for the school year, then maybe one more letter during the summer, but then you’d loose touch with each other.

Well it seems like I have a new design pen pal and I love it! I met GVA Studio (located in Switzerland) almost a year and a half ago when I contacted them to participate in a project. We exchanged several emails back and forth, tacking down important information. Well in one of those emails they asked me for my home address because they wanted to send me a holiday piece that they send out at that time of year. I couldn’t have been more elated! I got the coolest poster I had ever seen! Everyone had signed it, wishing me a happy new year. It was a wonderful touch and I cherished it. It proudly went on my wall.

Well they did not disappoint this year. Just a few days ago I got their unassuming envelope and quickly opened it very carefully. I knew it held a fantastic piece of work and that I was lucky enough to receive one. It was beautiful! In it’s simplicity (which all designers know is harder to create than something really complicated) shone pure style and skill. The background color is a coppery gold metallic ink with a beautiful cobalt blue letters stating, “What’s next?” and square in the middle, in white, it says “CHANGE.” An absolutely perfect poster to represent the New Year and the possibilities that abound. Truly…my photographs don’t do it justice. You can be assured it is going to be framed and hanging up in my apartment within the week!

I couldn’t resist sharing this poster with others and to also introduce you to GVA Studio and the work they do. Don’t forget to check out their website here because they have more amazing work that will delight your senses!

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