Obama is hiring!

This post originally started out as me doing research of Obama’s brand/identity/campaign work because it has been pretty exceptional at truly telling a story. In short, I’ve been picking up what he’s been putting down…hehe

But I found something else completely! His marketing team is hiring! Yes, you read right. Their team is looking for junior and senior designers (both print and web) to join their them and basically be part of history. So often opportunities like this feel like they are impossible to get and there no doubt will be hundreds of people applying for these jobs, but just to apply is simply amazing. You have a real chance to make something that people aren’t likely to forget any time soon, regardless of which direction this election goes.

So follow the link below and take a shot. You just might be “elected” to work on something that will impact the masses and help decide the future of a country!

Click to apply click here!

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