On second thought…

Easter, graduations, Mother’s Day, and with Father’s Day right around the corner, I feel like I’ve been staking out the greeting card section for weeks now. Trying to find that perfect card that will truly sing the sentiment I want to convey. Now I have to admit, I usually make my own cards, being creative and all, but sometimes time just doesn’t allow.

As I’m perusing Target’s greeting card section, I FINALLY see it: The perfect Mother’s Day card. The paper was creamy white with a beautiful texture, golden foiled butterflies whispered across the cover with beautiful accents of tiffany blue. I go to open the card to see the beautiful message within and…awful!! Just awful! Being with designers we always talk about how fonts and horrible design can assault our our senses, but we’d always laugh, knowing that most likely we were being a bit dramatic. Well I am here to tell you, I made a face of disgust. This heavy, swoopy, barely legible font just ruined the beauty of the front cover. I sadly put it down and continued my search, but that card had left me gun-shy. Every time I went to open a new card, I was so horrified at what I might find.

Thankfully, I did end up finding cards that I liked and hopefully they will delight the wonderful people who will be receiving them. So I wish to leave you with this: Shop responsibly. There are a lot of greeting cards out there that are not deserving of your pocket cash and so many that are extremely deserving!

Below are links to fantastic greeting cards that don’t cost much at all. These are the places I should have gone first! Click the name and enjoy!

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