One day you’re in and the next…

To steal a quote from Heidi Klum on Project Runway, “…in fashion, one day you’re in and the the next, you’re out.” This runs very true for trends as well. As graphic designers, we are not immune to trends and they like to sneak into our designs without us even knowing about it. Being creatives, we are inspired by everything around us: fashion, furniture design, textiles, cultures, food, nature, architecture and the list goes on. We can’t help ourselves (and honestly who would want to stop?).

Out and about on my travels I have come across several trends that visually are very stimulating. Many of you might not even be aware that you’re sporting a trend right this moment. But have no fear, they’re trends for a reason! People like them!

1. Moustaches
Who would have thought that facial hair could be a trend, especially when it isn’t actually appearing on a handsome man’s face? Regardless, they are. I walked into Urban Outfitters this weekend and moustaches ruled the wall art and kitchen ware sections. Mind you, these aren’t your Uncle’s 1970s ‘stache. These are very stylized and have a 1800s feel, which somehow makes them cute and endearing.

2. Owls
I’m actually very happy about this trend. I have always loved Owls. They are truly majestic birds and come in so many varieties. The depictions of these owls are not something you would see in Nature Monthly. These owl images have a very Russian folk art feel to them or they are very streamlined. I have seen the images of owls on everything: jewelry, bags, pillows, kitchenware, wall art, and the tattoos abound. I even fell into this trend with my holiday card (See previous blog post). I swear I didn’t know they were “in”!

3. Retro: It worked once, let’s do it again!
With shows such as Mad Men showcasing the best and worse of the 1950s, The Tudors showing us what lavish really is, and the resurgence of the classics in literature (ex. The Great Gatsby), the styles and trends of those times are bound to come crashing back as well. People are mixing though and they’re coming up with some interesting duos, including my new favorite Flea Market Chic. Who knew those two things would ever meet and make something pretty outstanding.

4. Pops of Color
Last, but certainly not least, is color. Now we all know about Pantone and how they keep a close pulse on the newest colors and trends (see previous blog post), but anyone with two eyes and their own pulse can see that colors are getting bright out there. It’s not about being flashy and donning every neon color known to man (or woman), but it’s about picking and choosing how you will “pop” out amongst the crowd. I tend to “pop” with chartreuse, purple, or fuchsia. They are my time honored colors, but I have to tell you, every time I go to the store the brighter they seem to get!

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