Outside the Box: A new packaging book by Gail Anderson!

It is always a wonderful day when your friend’s do awesome things. Makes you feel proud and lucky to be able to stand next to such talented people. In this case, it is my mentor and friend Gail Anderson, a NYC-based designer, writer, educator, and co-owner of Anderson Newton Design. If you don’t know about her career and work, it is definitely inspiring and worth taking a closer look. She has worked at places like Rolling Stone and SpotCo, all the while teaching at SVA. Add to that, cranking out books on modernist type and found type (just since I’ve known her) and you have a person that knows how to work hard and produce some absolutely wonderful work.

Her most recent book is called Outside the Box and features packaging utilizing hand-lettering from designers and illustrators around the world. I was lucky enough to receive a lovely copy of the book and I can’t put it down. Projects range from those you might have seen and wondered who did them (Chipotle) to projects/designers/illustrators you’ve never even seen, but definitely should start following on Instagram! What’s even better is that there are process photos included of how these concepts came to be. It’s not always about the final artifact, but the journey of how you arrived there. Enough of my chit-chat. It’s time to see the book!

Outside The Box

Outside the Box Chapters

Outside the Box: Chipotle

Outside the Box: Chipotle Close Up

Outside the Box: Process

Outside the Box: Foodie Garden

Did I get your attention? Good! This is an amazing book and would be a great addition to any bookshelf (designer or not). Be sure to check out Amazon or your local book store to pick up a copy!

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