Paper, paper everywhere and even on the wall!

I have a passion for paper. In whatever format it might appear. My most recent curiosity about paper is wallpaper. I think there has a time period of about 10 years where wallpaper was kind of taboo. The patterns were less than stellar, the colors so-so, and it wasn’t that easy to install. So paint was in! Companies such as Ralph Lauren came out with a whole line of paint so that you too could capture the American spirit through color. Plus paint was easy. You opened a can and started brushing. Two coats later and you’re ready to go! Start in the morning and you could have a dinner party that night!

Let me tell you though, wallpaper is making it’s come back. New patterns are exploding on the scene, as well as companies and artists are rummaging through vintage wallpaper to repurpose them and make them their own. As a creative person, I am more than thrilled!

Given Campbell is a fantastic company that specializes in wallpaper and tile. Their designs are truly fantastic! I have to stop myself from buying a house, just so I can wallpaper and tile the whole thing! They have everything too. Any kind of motif or color you might want, they will have it.

So if you have a new apartment/house, then consider wallpapering just one wall, as an accent. If you don’t have the wall space…well there is nothing wrong with drawing inspiration and dreaming! Enjoy!

Doesn’t this bottom wallpaper look like a lowercase Bodoni “r”? Fantastic!

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