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Cook Medical: Medical Devices for Minimally Invasive Procedures

COOK Medical (January 2009–June 2013) 
Art Direction, Visual Communication Design, Branding, Environmental Design, Global Product Launches, Team and Project Management, Copywriting
Bloomington, Indiana
Company Website

My time at Cook Medical gave me the experience of a lifetime. As my first job out of school, it taught me all the aspects of being a professional designer that cannot truly be taught in school, such as project management, being comfortable in ambiguity, and the interpersonal skills required to make any project a reality. I started as an entry level designer and ended my time there as an Art Director (while still dividing my time between my Designer and Art Director duties).

While at Cook Medical I worked on a variety of projects. A large portion of my time was devoted to marketing collateral such as product ordering sheets, brochures, vision books, and patient pamphlets. This included global product launches, the biggest being Zilver PTX, a $40 million product. Full visual campaigns would be designed across multiple platforms, including custom illustrations, photography, and video.

The company also participated in a robust trade show season which meant designing for unseen sites and working with vendors and auxiliary Cook Medical teams in countries around the world. The physical footprint of these booths ranged from a single table to a 3,000 sq. feet, two storied structures with meetings rooms.

Between managing all the day-to-day tasks of working at Cook Medical’s Global Headquarters, there was internal design structure that was lacking upon my arrival. The company had grown so quickly that there hadn’t been adequate time to make sure it was a Branded House, rather than a House of Brands. With 10 in-house designers, we met weekly to gather our collective knowledge, experiment, and try to wrangle Cook Medical’s Brand. After 3 years we had a solid start to a brand guide that was dispensed to all Cook Medical design teams across the globe.

ZILVER PTX: Global Product Launch

Zilver PTX IconsZilver PTX Posters
Zilver PTX Ordering Brochure