Sex and the City: A typographic skyline

Happy New Year! Yes, another year has passed, a ton of food has been consumed, presents opened, and now we’re on to the new. New resolutions made and for some, already broken! hehe This post is not for me to rag on you though, for who am I to judge? This post is about something fun I saw at Target the other day. I love Sex and the City. Love it. As do many of my friends. Most of us bought our “bible” (yes, apparently the series box set is called “The Bible”) within the last 5 years when it was fuzzy and pink and in our eyes absolutely wonderful! I’m here to say, though, I’ve changed my mind. I want the newest Sex and the City Box Set Deluxe Edition. It’s beautiful! As we call it in the biz, they use type as image. They use actual type, I think lines from the show, to make the skyline of New York City on a pristine white background. It’s so stunning and timeless.

Countless designers use this style, some pulling it off, and others having it looking messy. I’ve searched around trying to find out who the designer is for this box set, but was unable to find it. If you should be inspired by this post and go searching, let me know what you find! So whether you like Sex and the City or not, perhaps you can just appreciate the packaging and the time and effort it took arranging those lines of type to make it look as fabulous as it does. And don’t worry…If you can’t afford the Deluxe Edition (which I can’t either!) then they have the individual seasons with the same treatment. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Sex and the City: A typographic skyline”

  1. lkelly
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    Beautiful! So glad I waited…I’m getting this one!

  2. mommy
     ·  Reply

    You are so imaginative. I would never have thought to write about Sex and the City. But your right, the box is very cool. I am always captivated by the colors of books. I’ve noticed that bright colors catch my attention. My mysteries are usually in dark colors, but lately some of the series have the bright colors, usually depicting the murder scene, or even the “detector” working in a knitting shop, or a bakery. Fun but not my favorite. Ly m

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