Stretch before attempting

This time of year, things always start to get hectic. People are running around to their influx of social gatherings, trying to finish up work so they can relax with the family come their days off, and attempting to keep track of who they need to buy a gift for and who still needs something.

In short it’s exhausting, but we all go on about our business with a smile because to be frank, we enjoy it. The crisp cold air is invigorating, the bright colors swashed about the stores and across neighborhoods makes us smile and sigh at how pretty it looks. As many a song will claim, it’s truly a magical time.

I personally have been planning for perhaps over a month (honestly probably over the whole year, but just in the back of my head) what kind of gifts I’m going to be making people this year and getting a holiday card designed that I won’t be embarrassed to send to every friend, relative, and acquaintance I know. This was a gradual process though. I didn’t start out doing all of this, all at one time. It started with the holiday card. Then after a few years, I passed over into making my own holiday gifts. You could say I was stretching my creative muscle. Seeing what I could handle.

Both of these decisions came from not finding the right holiday card I wanted or finding the right gift to give to people. It’s kind of the curse of those who are creative, people who get an inclination to be creative or people just attempting to save money. The comment, “Oh, I can make that!” starts popping up on the internet, in the hobby stores and even Lowe’s. No one is truly immune to it. The creative bug can catch anyone this time of year. Then there you have it. People running head first into to craft stores, wondering the aisles, cursing that they don’t know what they’re looking for. See, they didn’t stretch before taking on this mentally aerobic activity of being creative. An injury is certainly soon to follow at this pace.

So as I go into my first, full weekend of being a holiday elf, crafting away if my makeshift studio of all things glittery and bright, with the faint smell of drying paint, I urge all of you to get creative this holiday season. But please, remember to stretch.

5 thoughts on “Stretch before attempting”

  1. Eric D
     ·  Reply

    I’m in the middle of making glittery snowflakes to hang from every surface in my apartment. I will never finish. There will never be enough glitter. My poor sparkly cats.

  2. Daniela
     ·  Reply

    The other day we were at Micheal’s and Andrew found me in one of the isles just saying ‘glitter.’ To which he responded, ‘Ok, what are you going to do with it?’ but the only thing that came out was ‘I don’t know…but look at all the glitter!’

  3. admin
     ·  Reply

    Oooo! Please send a picture of the snowflakes! Just keep chugging away at it. Soon enough you’ll get a little system going and snowflakes will be flying into the done pile! 🙂

    I had a cat situation once where she stepped in glittery pain and then proceeded to hop down from the table and run across the apartment. Luckily I had linoleum floors and could scrub the paw prints off, but I think I had a heart attack!

  4. admin
     ·  Reply

    Daniela–HAHA! I too have had something like that happen to me. Luckily I was by myself, so no one heard me! haha

  5. Eric D
     ·  Reply

    Michaels is the best! I spent $80 in the glittery accent aisle alone…and that was when it was all 50% off last week!

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