ROI Rage

For several years I’ve been hearing quite a few acronyms when it comes to metrics, social media, and companies FINALLY starting to see that there really is something to doing metric measuring campaigns. With every new technology, it sometimes takes a little time for people to become comfortable with the idea of it and to honestly figure out how it can fit into what they’re currently doing. I sell muffins…metrics can’t possibly be for me. I sell lawn mowers…no one cares if I have a digital presence. Not true my dear, delusional friends. You too can have a digital presence and make sure your money is being invested in the right type of social media too!

For so long there have been rumors and myths moving through the corporate world that metrics don’t work or they’re limited. And the age old question is always, “What am I actually getting from my monetary investment into social media and digital campaigns? If sales don’t double, really? What is the point.” Here is where the acronym ROI comes in. It stands for Return On Investment. Every company wants to know what their return on investment will be. We’re all about the benjamin’s baby.

But it took the Grandaddy of digital…well digital anything at this point, Adobe to put a smart, well put together ad out there to really ahem, slap people into reality. My favorite part is that Adobe isn’t even worrying about print vs digital and that petty argument these days. They’ve risen above it and simply said, let’s talk metrics. Whatever format you’re approaching metrics from, lets get it straight that it’s a functional and accessible part of business today. It’s a little hard to ignore now, especially when you’re being ahem, slapped in the face with the use of metrics and digital campaigns, whether that is through an app, a QR code or some other measurable, metrics system.

So get in touch with your inner ROI rage and if someone tells you ROI is a myth…just ahem, slap them into a reality check. It’s all about the ROI’s baby.

*Do not attempt this. But feel free to laugh at the idea of doing this in the office.*

Happy Anniversary!

Now whether you agree that Steve Jobs is a good guy or that Adobe updates make you want to stomp your foot in frustration, you have to admit that Apple is a leader in technology products that span the globe. They’ve managed to take something that scares and intimidates most people and packaged it down into something small, user-friendly, and that usually doesn’t give you an error messages every 5 minutes (Stupid Gateway computer my parents had when I was in high school. We were not friends.)

Most graphic designers use a Macintosh or prefer to use one. It’s definitely marketed to us that if you’re creative, you want to use a Mac. Well I fell for it hook, line and sinker. Now while I realize there are other opinions and thoughts out there that are all very valid, I admit that I just feel more safe and comfortable working on a Mac, trusting it with my hours upon hours of work. It’s like I’m technologically married to Apple and so far the relationship has really been lovely. My laptop has been with me through college, a mini flood, and anything else that’s happened in the last 6 years and hasn’t let me down yet.

While I’m a few years off of a decade, Apple just celebrated it’s own anniversary with it’s retail stores. We’ve all been to one and they always made a statement. To celebrate Apple released a poster to commemorate the decade. Foregoing their usual marketing basics which is fantastic images, large amounts of white space, they went in the complete opposite direction. They made a black poster covered edge-to-edge with words. Very different.

At first I was really put off by it. We’ve all see that companies makes mistakes from time to time with their marketing, but I was really surprised by Apple. This was a major departure. It seems overwhelming to have to read all of that, but I decided against my better judgement to do so. Where once was skepticism, when I had finished reading, I was smiling and had a fuzzy feeling in my heart. They hadn’t departed from their brand messaging. They had taken away all the visual distractions and really made their audiences focus on what they were saying. Smart really when you think about it. So go ahead and read it here. It doesn’t take too long and you’ll be happy you did.