Can I interest you in a fun font?

I’m back from my whirlwind weekend vacation with much to share! To say the least, I was successful in my hunt for interesting fonts! Once I explained my mission to my parents, my mother (who was driving), would slow down and say, “Oh! Is that a fun font?” Hehe, that’s my good ol’ Mum! Not entirely sure what I’m doing, but more than willing to help!

So I won’t ramble on here. I’ll let you get to to the good stuff! Happy font hunting!

Drive-in movie theater. Highway 37 in the middle of nowhere.

Marengo Caves. Hand-painted goodness!

Marengo Caves. Use neon yellow and someone is bound to pay attention to it.

Marengo Caves. More hand-painted goodness!

Paoli, Indiana. Maybe monument fonts are more your style.

Paoli, Indiana. Script and Black lettering…Interesting choice.

Paoli, Indiana. I didn’t eat here. Just photographing…haha

Louisville, KY. Louisville Zoo. Entrance to see the polar bears.

Cincinnati, Ohio. This business had burned down, but left their intriguing font sign.

Cincinnati, Ohio. Union Terminal Museum. This refurbished train station is AMAZING for Art Deco (1910-1939) fonts. It was just a gorgeous place. These “push” fonts were on every door.

Cincinnati, Ohio. Union Terminal Museum. Original lettering from taxi stand directing traffic.

Cincinnati, Ohio. Union Terminal Museum. Numbers! On a trolley no less! All around fabulousness here.

Cincinnati, Ohio. Union Terminal Museum. New or old font? A friend pointed out that it looks a little like the Star Wars font…It’s that “S”!