Name that font! Go!

Fonts have gone a little crazy. It seems like anyone can take a stab at making their own font these days. Then they put it out there for people to use, over and over again. Then someone takes it and makes a bastardized version with only a small change and it has a whole new name. It’s sometimes very hard to make sense of which font is named what.

Now think about fonts that weren’t even made with a computer in mind. There is no uploading a named font file to your computer that archives the newly arrived font. Nope, all you have is a block of type high wood with a letter lovingly carved out of it. There is no stamp to identity it’s name and you only have one of them. No other letters to compare to find similarities and differences. All is lost, correct? Happily the answer is no! Not all is lost!

There is a wonderful blog called Letterpress Daily that is run by a former educator/friend of mine, David Wolske. I have never met another person so in tune with a letterpress machine and specifically the letter forms used to print on them. Each post he puts a wonderful picture of the wood letter and then the printed version. It makes me grin ear-to-ear every time I see it! This blog not only educates printers, students, and enthusiasts, but gives you an archive to start your own investigating work of finally figuring out what the heck that wood font is called that has been sitting on your shelf for years! I bet if you sent him a picture, he might even know what it is named!

At this rate, you might never get through all of his posts, but then that just means you always have something entertaining and informative to read each day!

To view his website, click here!

What type are you?

I’m always one for play-on-words and that’s exactly what a well-known design studio used in their holiday greeting.

As graphic designers we are taught that choosing which fonts to use in a piece is a big decision because a font can say so much with so little. Being the fanciful person that I am, I feel that each font has a personality. You have the big, heavy macho types, the dainty and feminine types, the memorable and unmemorable types, the flashy, the luxurious, the hard worker, and the list goes on and on. Each one makes a statement. Combine the statements and you can get quite the conversation going before even reading what the letters spell.

While I might have once thought that I was insane to think that fonts have personalities, I am apparently not alone and in very good company. Pentagram, perhaps one of the most well-known design studios, came up with a great holiday greeting for their clients! It’s a test with only 4 questions about what kind of person you are (disciplined, traditional, progressive, etc) and ends with the outcome of what kind type (in this case font) you are most like. I was Emotional, Assertive, Traditional, and Disciplined which equals Pistilli Roman. I loved it! It’s the exact kind of font that I would have been attracted to instantly! Even if you’re not a design nerd like myself, you’ll enjoy taking this test!

So take the test and see what type you are, both emotionally and font style.

Take the test here.

Fun Fonts: Indiana State Fair Style

Hello! For my loyal readers, you will realize that I am posting this on a Sunday, but I had good reason for “missing” a post on Friday: The Indiana State Fair! I just knew that it would be full of fonts that all of you would wish to see! I honestly think that sometimes this is where fonts go to be butchered. As a typographer, it can get a little hard to look at sometimes. It was all worth it though! So take a look and enjoy!

Ah yes, when dealing with ethnic food, especially Greek, Italian, and Asian influence, stereotypical fonts are sure to follow!

Not sure your message is getting across that you’re selling cold water? Why not make it really clear by adding a visual cue: snow capped letters!

“Hand-Dipped” is the font I’m looking at. I’m getting an 80s vibe with the triangular cross bar of the letters.

Art Deco with broiled steak? Not really seeing the connection.

Mamma Mia! What an interesting font!

Some very interesting things are happening with the “S” and “E” here.

Would you like some T(LARGE SPACE)aters with your script font?

Font designers are cringing everywhere because this font is so skewed. I get they’re trying to have the font personify curly fries, but do all the words need to curl? Answer: No.

I’m getting the old-fashioned feeling Doc.

Oh uncial fonts… You never fail to show up when words like “ye olde” or “old world” appear.

I Always love these type of fonts.

The Asian food (I use that term loosely) stands always bring out stereotypical fonts. Never fails.

Classic, hand-lettering. This sign has been at the fair for a minimum of 26 years. Beautiful!

Let’s add lights to the fonts now!

I’m thinking this lettering was done with an air brush. I love the sign is a fish! Also note: If you win, they will baby-sit your fish while you’re at the fair…haha.

Love this font!