Fun Fonts: Indiana State Fair Style

Hello! For my loyal readers, you will realize that I am posting this on a Sunday, but I had good reason for “missing” a post on Friday: The Indiana State Fair! I just knew that it would be full of fonts that all of you would wish to see! I honestly think that sometimes this is where fonts go to be butchered. As a typographer, it can get a little hard to look at sometimes. It was all worth it though! So take a look and enjoy!

Ah yes, when dealing with ethnic food, especially Greek, Italian, and Asian influence, stereotypical fonts are sure to follow!

Not sure your message is getting across that you’re selling cold water? Why not make it really clear by adding a visual cue: snow capped letters!

“Hand-Dipped” is the font I’m looking at. I’m getting an 80s vibe with the triangular cross bar of the letters.

Art Deco with broiled steak? Not really seeing the connection.

Mamma Mia! What an interesting font!

Some very interesting things are happening with the “S” and “E” here.

Would you like some T(LARGE SPACE)aters with your script font?

Font designers are cringing everywhere because this font is so skewed. I get they’re trying to have the font personify curly fries, but do all the words need to curl? Answer: No.

I’m getting the old-fashioned feeling Doc.

Oh uncial fonts… You never fail to show up when words like “ye olde” or “old world” appear.

I Always love these type of fonts.

The Asian food (I use that term loosely) stands always bring out stereotypical fonts. Never fails.

Classic, hand-lettering. This sign has been at the fair for a minimum of 26 years. Beautiful!

Let’s add lights to the fonts now!

I’m thinking this lettering was done with an air brush. I love the sign is a fish! Also note: If you win, they will baby-sit your fish while you’re at the fair…haha.

Love this font!

Can I interest you in a fun font?

I’m back from my whirlwind weekend vacation with much to share! To say the least, I was successful in my hunt for interesting fonts! Once I explained my mission to my parents, my mother (who was driving), would slow down and say, “Oh! Is that a fun font?” Hehe, that’s my good ol’ Mum! Not entirely sure what I’m doing, but more than willing to help!

So I won’t ramble on here. I’ll let you get to to the good stuff! Happy font hunting!

Drive-in movie theater. Highway 37 in the middle of nowhere.

Marengo Caves. Hand-painted goodness!

Marengo Caves. Use neon yellow and someone is bound to pay attention to it.

Marengo Caves. More hand-painted goodness!

Paoli, Indiana. Maybe monument fonts are more your style.

Paoli, Indiana. Script and Black lettering…Interesting choice.

Paoli, Indiana. I didn’t eat here. Just photographing…haha

Louisville, KY. Louisville Zoo. Entrance to see the polar bears.

Cincinnati, Ohio. This business had burned down, but left their intriguing font sign.

Cincinnati, Ohio. Union Terminal Museum. This refurbished train station is AMAZING for Art Deco (1910-1939) fonts. It was just a gorgeous place. These “push” fonts were on every door.

Cincinnati, Ohio. Union Terminal Museum. Original lettering from taxi stand directing traffic.

Cincinnati, Ohio. Union Terminal Museum. Numbers! On a trolley no less! All around fabulousness here.

Cincinnati, Ohio. Union Terminal Museum. New or old font? A friend pointed out that it looks a little like the Star Wars font…It’s that “S”!

Leaving on a jet plane…

Okay, not really. But I am taking a little holiday this weekend! My parents and I are heading out on a road trip, which in distance might not be trekking across America, but in terms of fun it’s going to be of epic proportions!

Many of you probably know this, but I like to take photos. Often on my trips I take copious amounts of photographs of nature (flowers, leaves, trees, even blades of grass), but I also like to take pictures of interesting fonts. There are so many signs out there that have the most interesting and intriguing fonts: Some manufactured/applied vinyl letters, but many are hand drawn/painted onto whatever surface they can find. Diners usually have some of the best fonts/signs that often take on a sculpture affect (see image below). It’s fantastic!

Gail Anderson, a friend, colleague, and all around design guru has no problem capturing awesome and interesting fonts. On her Tumblr site, she not only captures fonts from around her where she lives in New York City, but also when she travels abroad to fantastic locations such as her most recent trip to Italy. Any one person’s knowledge of fonts is challenged when viewing her fantastic pictures of fonts because it shows that there are people all over the world, who are not involved directly with graphic design, who are creating these beautiful and sometimes breathe-taking fonts (total design nerd moment…haha).

So take a look at her site here, get inspired, grab your camera and hit the road looking for the best fonts you can find. If you find any particular delicious ones, please feel free to contact me and I’ll post it on the blog with your credits!