Intricate Baroque Wigs…From Paper!

My love of all things paper is not a secret. I don’t exactly try to hide it either…haha If you walk around my apartment it’s pretty much devoted to showing off paper in its various forms: printed, bound, folded, and untouched (for future projects, of course.) It is because of this love affair that when I came across Russian artist Asya Kozina’s most recent work of creating Baroque wigs from paper I was truly stunned! I always knew that paper was capable of many wondrous things, but this was a new one. With Valentine’s Day in the near future and more than a bit of whimsy in the air, I simply fell in love with them.

Asya Kozina: Baroque 1

It doesn’t hurt that that she knows how to set the stage either. The models are put into period-esque clothes and while beautiful, take a step back so that the paper sculptures can shine. The photos themselves are also reminiscent of paintings or French La Mode magazine images. Wonderful from top to bottom!

If you love paper, history, fashion, and perhaps just feats of engineering, then this is the paper artist for you! Be sure to check out all of her work on her Behance site. She has made COMPLETE CLOTHES from paper. She’s my new hero!

Asya Kozina

Asya Kozina

Asya Kozina