What type are you?

I’m always one for play-on-words and that’s exactly what a well-known design studio used in their holiday greeting.

As graphic designers we are taught that choosing which fonts to use in a piece is a big decision because a font can say so much with so little. Being the fanciful person that I am, I feel that each font has a personality. You have the big, heavy macho types, the dainty and feminine types, the memorable and unmemorable types, the flashy, the luxurious, the hard worker, and the list goes on and on. Each one makes a statement. Combine the statements and you can get quite the conversation going before even reading what the letters spell.

While I might have once thought that I was insane to think that fonts have personalities, I am apparently not alone and in very good company. Pentagram, perhaps one of the most well-known design studios, came up with a great holiday greeting for their clients! It’s a test with only 4 questions about what kind of person you are (disciplined, traditional, progressive, etc) and ends with the outcome of what kind type (in this case font) you are most like. I was Emotional, Assertive, Traditional, and Disciplined which equals Pistilli Roman. I loved it! It’s the exact kind of font that I would have been attracted to instantly! Even if you’re not a design nerd like myself, you’ll enjoy taking this test!

So take the test and see what type you are, both emotionally and font style.

Take the test here.