Starbucks cup learns new tricks!

I’ve been unfair. I hate to admit it, but it’s true. On my blog, I tend to only write about print related items. Perhaps a commercial now and again, but it’s mostly about books, paper, and all that entails. But I’m not ignorant to the fact that the world is turning digital, as much as I slightly cringe at that. Digital can do some amazing things that paper can’t even touch. However, with this post, I managed to find something that mixes print and interactive design.

My friend Lacy Kelly, a print designer who is now moving into web work was telling me about this app weeks ago, but it took me until now to really look into it. It’s called the Starbucks Cup Magic App. Starbucks brings out holiday cups each year with a cute and completely distinctive illustration. Usually a set of 4-5 different illustrations. Well this year they’ve taken that concept a step further. Now, using their app, you can use the camera on your iPhone or Android to have animations interacting with your actual cup, wherever you are! Starbucks calls it “augmented reality, an innovation that uses digital information to enhance your real world environment.” It certainly does! It’s very cool! Watch the video below to get a better idea of this fancy app!

I have no doubt that with each passing year the app and interaction between print and digital design will only increase in its level of “magic” and creativeness. So pop on over to Starbucks, pick up your fancy paper cup, download that app (click here) and have a very creative holiday moment!