You know you’re a graphic designer when…

Throughout my years on this path of becoming a graphic designer, the title of this post has come up many a times. It usually has to do with noticing something that no one in their right mind would notice. Well, other than a graphic designer. We can’t help ourselves. We went to school, art school in general, to view the world differently. I remember my college drawing teacher saying that he wasn’t teaching me to draw. He was teaching me how to see. That truly struck a chord in me and has stayed with me since. Now, every time I see something that perhaps someone else wouldn’t notice, well I simply know that I worked really hard to view the world this way, so I damn well better appreciate it. Knowing that makes the story below seem a little less crazy and more so, just who I am…along with the thousands of other designers out there.

The other day I was looking online at watches. I finally decided that my phone was just getting entirely too cumbersome to cart around at all time, never leaving my side, just so I could know the current time. Having it in my back pocket also made me feel like I was walking lop-sided, so the search for the perfect wrist watch was on!

Being the visual person that I am I searched the internet by clicking “images” on google and then going to the websites to find out how much they were. Well I just kept searching and searching but nothing was working: the band was too wide, the wrong metal, too big, too small, just plain ridiculous looking, and the list went on and on. It was driving me nuts!

So I really made myself stop and try to figure out how I was evaluating these watches and it hit me: I hated the numerals. Some looked too stately, others looked too ornate, and others didn’t even have numbers. Dots or Disney characters apparently can represent numbers now. Don’t even get me started on digital watches. I knew I was hosed. How was I going to find a working watch that had beautiful old-style numbers, or a watch that effectively used the space within the face of the watch to fill in with numbers?

While I currently have no watch and no plans to become a master clock maker to rectify my situation, I invite you into my world, where I view things a little bit differently. You’ll never pass by a jewelry/watch counter or take someone’s hand the same way again. You know you’ll just have to look and see what their watch numerals look like. But don’t worry…You’re not alone.

An absolutely beautiful example of an antique pocket watch. Look at those wonderful numerals!

Do the numbers really have to be that many sizes? I just feel dizzy…

An attempt at classicism, but the Roman numerals are rounded at noon. Just awful.

Perhaps you need no numbers at all? If I knew what time it was, I wouldn’t need a watch. It’s almost like they think they’re too cool for numbers…

Can you say yawn? I’d fall asleep from boredom before I could even calculate the time.