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Greetings book cover fans! I have come across the most amazing website. Ever. Like. Ever. As many of you will know I have nothing less than a full on obsession with book covers. I have no problem hanging out in Barnes & Nobles for a few hours looking at all the book covers. I’ll even admit that I take photos of those book covers that are just truly great. Too bad I didn’t come up with this archive idea!

So I won’t say much more. I just advise you to go and visit this site as much as you can. It’s constantly changing, book covers are being added and the even greater part is that famous book cover designers will put their “picks” on there of amazing book covers, giving you insight to the masters. Enjoy!

Below are just two examples of great book cover design. The first was created by Jason Booher and Helen Yentus. The second cover is designed by John Gall, who works at Random House.

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  1. lKelly
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    Awesome. I find myself buying books often just for their well-designed book cover. As there are many a book on my shelfs that I love to look at the spine or cover and find myself saying ‘oh, I’ll read it eventually.’ Hooray for books!!!

    Below are a few of my favorite book cover sites: ::::::::you can search this one by designer name:::::: :::::::for the history buffs:::::

    Thanks Abby!

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