The Creative Process

Oh the creative process. I have to sigh before even writing this post because if you are a creative, then you can know the joys and woes that come along with the words “creative process.” I have often said that it’s a marvel and a curse. It’s a marvel that such a process exists where you start from nothing and in what seems like magic, something beautiful, wonderful, insightful, fantastic, and tantalizing presents itself and the world is saved once again (yes, it can totally feel like that).

The curse comes when that process betrays you. Each creative has their own process and they are as varied as there are stars above. But sometimes that process gets stopped or blocked. It is either someone else blocking our path because of budgets and asinine requests (insert the word “client/committee” here), which once you’ve been in the “creativity as a service” industry long enough, you kind of get the hang of dealing with them. But then what happens when YOU block yourself. When that innate part of you that you’ve always been able to call upon refuses to give you that spark of inspiration. Or refuses to run smoothly, where each step forward feels akin to running into a brick wall repeatedly. Oh yeah, it can feel like that. And mind you, all of this is taking place inside your head. Yikes…

But us creatives keep coming back for more. There are those of use who do turn their backs on their creativity and that spark because it’s too emotionally draining, but most of us keep coming back for more. We can’t help ourselves. To be without it would be to be missing part of ourselves. Plus, look at the tangible items that come from the creative process? Houses, planes, sculpture, spoons, posters, films, fashion, cars and the list goes on. Our world has seen some pretty freaking awesome things come from the creative process.

I’ve spent three paragraphs attempting to explain the creative process and didn’t even come close to it, if you haven’t experienced it yourself. But I came across a commercial for Dodge (It’s always the car companies. Damn them and their huge marketing budgets…) that attempts to show not only the creative process, but the process of specifically bringing a vision (car) into a reality.

So if you have a creative process, then you’ll definitely identify with the video. If you don’t have one, then you’ll get the most accurate version that I’ve seen of the creative process out there, even though it’s about cars. Enjoy!

7 thoughts on “The Creative Process”

  1. Lacy Kelly
     ·  Reply

    Fantastic post! This is the best description of the creative process I’m pretty sure I’ve ever read. And well done Dodge…accuracy & humor.

    Thanks Abby for the great post. I’m left inspired and ready for more of that process!

    • admin
       ·  Reply

      Thanks lady! It just kind of hit me this morning. I had a great time writing it 😉 Inspire on! hehe

  2. Nathan
     ·  Reply

    I always appreciate your blog! I most definitely love the creative process and would argue that everyone who is any good at anything is a bit of a creative. Being unafraid to have ideas and unwilling to stop until you make them happen is recipe I heard described early on that makes sense to me. And, does it make me creative to both appreciate this commercial, but to desperately wish I could jump into it and make a few design modifications to the prototype so that the car could be as cool as the ad?

    • admin
       ·  Reply

      I completely agree with you about everyone being a bit of a creative. I have always said that there is creativity in almost every action that is done. Just have to foster it a little bit! Haha, of course you want to make changes to it Nathan! haha I think anyone that does out line of work would…hehe

      Glad you like the post! 🙂

  3. Ashley Fleming
     ·  Reply

    Love this commercial!! I have never seen the full version before.

    Such a great depiction of the creative process for any product you create- whether it’s web, print, product and more. Thanks for sharing!

    • admin
       ·  Reply

      Me either Ashley! That’s what drew me in! I had seen the shortened versions time and time again. The full length one is even better! I’m glad you saw that the “creative process” could well be applied to almost anything in the world. We each do this process every day, whether it is defined for us or is more organic. Thanks for reading!

  4. Valda
     ·  Reply

    Nice find, Abby. We keep at it despite the challenges during the process. The reward is huge. I’ve heard it’s a lot like childbirth—-you forget the pain afterwards, so you’re willing to do it again.

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