The final frontier…

First, I have to start out by apologizing to you all.

For the last several weeks (okay a good six) I haven’t written a blog post. I’ve even had a few of you contact me, wondering what is going on! haha Apparently it is how many of you keep tabs on me, my life, and if I’m still alive! Well the answer is, I am. But I’ve been pretty sick on and off, then we had Thanksgiving, I was traveling more on the weekends to fabulous conferences (which I will slowly post pictures of on future posts), and taking on more responsibility at work. The whole blog writing thing just got away from me. But I missed you all! I missed writing down my findings and hearing your responses. So please forgive me. This will probably be my last post for the year and then I will pick it up again in the New Year. Thanks for listening!

The holidays are here. Not, they’re on their way or it will be nice when the holidays are here. After Thanksgiving past (and even before) the holidays are upon us and it’s a sometimes neck-breaking roller coaster ride to New Years. You get caught up in the holiday parties, the gift buying, the socialization of it all. Who wouldn’t? But then you end up like me: It’s a week before Christmas and I realize that I haven’t sent out holiday cards. I had originally thought that I might letterpress print my cards on Sir Sigwalt, but it just didn’t work out. I loathe buying holiday cards, but I hate not sending anything out even more.

So I hightailed it to Target to see if I could come up with something that didn’t make me grimace. Makes me feel at least a little better when the card has some kind of typographic and color aesthetic merit. Things can get a little atrocious and dicey with holiday cards…buyer beware.

I sit down, make my list of recipients and start writing. Oddly enough, I feel a little weird. My own handwriting is looking a little chaotic, not smooth, and I’m just not happy with it. What the hell has happened? Then it came to me: I’m out of practice. Talk about a mind explosion. I’m out of practice for writing? There is something seriously wrong with that idea, but I know it to be true. My life has come down to hundreds of emails a week, a post-it note here and there, text messages and that’s it. In a world where we’re going head-long into technology based methods of communication, here is a tradition that still lives on, frankly, flying in the face of every technology user everywhere.

In a world where we send evites for baby showers, weddings, and birthday parties, the holiday card lives on. Why? Is it because the holidays are a time of slowing down and reliving the memories of happier times in our lives? Sounds like we’re going back to a time that we remember taking the time to actually WRITE out our messages of cheer and love to one another. By hand. With a weird thing called a pen.

I can tell you this: I haven’t received one e-holiday card this year, but my mailbox has been flooding with handwritten, paper holidays cards. People are posting pictures of mantels and doorways plastered with cards. They love it! So maybe that’s it. It’s the one time a year that we go back to something that we liked to do, but don’t really have time anymore to complete. We go back to the naive wonderment of writing a card to someone, licking the awful glue to close the envelope (makes you feel alive!), putting a stamp on it, and putting it into a post box, with the anticipation of it reaching our loved one and bringing a smile to their face.

The only thing I can think of is this: technology might be winning the war, but I hope it will never win this battle. Score one for the holiday card. Better luck next year technology…

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