THIS IS DESIGN.SCHOOL: A podcast for designers everywhere.

No matter how much success a designer achieves, they are still human. They can still get nervous before a client pitch, get creative block on projects, and swoon for their own design idols. They also went to design school, just like you and me. They suffered through critiques, didn’t understand the difference between sans serif and serif fonts, and probably also tried to lop off their fingers when trimming out a final project. Every designer has humble beginnings, even if their work is the most epic you have ever seen.

Remembering these facts is what makes THIS IS DESIGN.SCHOOL podcasts so interesting. Based in the PNW, they were started by designers Chad P. Hall (below left) and Jp Avila (below right) in 2014 “for those interested in design, starting a career in design, or needing a reminder of why they went into design.” Each month they interview a newly minted designer, a seasoned professional, or a design academic.

What makes these podcasts so endearing is that they are a great equalizer. It frankly doesn’t matter what level the interviewee is at in their career: They come across as humans just trying to figure out their careers, beliefs about design, and how not to be nervous doing their first podcast. It doesn’t hurt that Chad and Jp’s voices are so soothing to listen to either.

Chad P. Hall (left) & Jp Avila (right)

This month they have interviewed Taylor Cox, a newly minted designer that decided that sitting in front of a computer screen everyday wasn’t for her. Letterpress printing had claimed her design heart. She founded Coxswain Press and now fills her days climbing inside Heidelberg Presses, perfecting her kerning skills, and attempting not to get lead poisoning. (No one said letterpress printing was for the faint of heart!).

All Aboard the Struggle Bus

Want to hear more? Check out the full podcast here!

Be sure to visit THIS IS DESIGN.SCHOOL every month for their newest podcast installment. You never know who they’ll find to fill their air waves.

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