Tylenol: Too much branding?

I recently twisted my ankle moving into my new apartment. So I was on a regiment of Tylenol Extra Strength for a good week. I kept popping the pills without really looking at them, but then one day I stopped and really focused on these little pills. Even the pill is branded with a red and blue gel tips and has an icon on it that explains how it works! Graphic designers strike again!

In Tylenol’s commercials they show the two halves of the pill breaking apart after ingestion and that the two parts work together to relieve pain. Well I never gave it anymore thought than that. Having looked closer at my pills though I see that there is a tiny little icon/information graphic in the gray band (which is in the center) that to me shows dissolving, thus explaining to the user how their medicine works. I was truly floored that most likely a graphic designer had designed this icon and here it was, stamped into the pills I was taking.

I know that graphic designers often wonder how far they can get involved with their projects. Is it simply the marketing of the product? Perhaps the strategy behind the product? Or based on Tylenol, even in the actual product development? I believe Tylenol has proven that a graphic designer can get involved and stay involved all the way down to the development of the product. That’s one step further for graphic designers everywhere!

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