Worth every penny…

I have bought many books in my day. Many. It is often just ebbing on the edge of obsession, but I do my best to control it. The obsession won out this weekend when I went to Chicago. I was in a store called Four Sided. Now this shop is a mecca for anyone who likes printed ephemera. They have it all: books, new and old greetings cards, victorian playing cards, typewritter keys, scrabble pieces, original poster art, wrapping paper, and the list goes on. If you really love the piece you’re buying, then you can have it custom framed to truly bring out it’s beauty.

I resisted all of it, thinking of myself as a good shopper, until I came across it. The book I had told myself I just had to have, but had never made it to the store to buy: the Little Book of Letterpress . It has some of the best work from some of the best presses from around the world. I don’t want to cause copyright infringements, so no pictures of the interior, but head to the bookstore or look online to take a better look. It’s seriously the best $24.99 I ever spent.

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