Write On Campaign: A Cultural Movement!

“Writing letters lets me think about and honor my relationships.” –Egg Press

My favorite part of writing a blog post is that I am constantly on the hunt for new and inspiring people who are taking what they do best and focusing on enriching society. Those are good people. This week’s inspiring people are those at Egg Press and Hello!Lucky, two stationery studios that produce absolutely beautiful correspondence through letterpress and other delicious methods. In 2014, the Write On Campaign was founded by these two studios where they challenged themselves and those important in their lives to write 30 letters in 30 days to celebrate National Letter-writing Month, which is in April.

They knew that if they just put out this 30 letters/30 days challenge that it might not get done. A little incentive never hurt. So in 2014 they created 2,000 FREE writing kits to give away that included a few cards/envelopes and gelly roll pens (remember those??). The response was so large that within a week, all the kits were spoken for and were shipped out across the United States. In 2015, 5,000 kits were made. Gone within a week. So this year? 10,000 kits have been designed, produced, packaged and are ready to be shipped out! I’m not sure of the number, but I think anything over 10K is well on its way to being a cultural phenomenon.

Now I know some of you are giving me the eye as you read this: handwritten letters? Is that still a thing? Yes, it is. A wonderful thing. Email and text are great forms of communication. They make the world go round. I get it. But those closest to me (and not always through physical location) deserve a little bit more from me. Writing a letter to them forms such a deeper bond and gives them a little bit of my heart. In an age when things happen in an instant, isn’t it nice to think that someone took 20 minutes and thought about how special your relationship is? (See more funny and serious reasons here)

The physical artifact is nothing to ignore either. A card can be displayed and read again and again, bringing up those warm and fuzzy feelings. Don’t even get me started on the tactile love affair that takes place with a card…haha. Plus who has ever received a handwritten note and looked at it and said, “Not another one of these! Seriously, I got enough love. I don’t need this!”

Hammerpress: Letterpress & Design Studio

There are some seriously wonderful cards out there. Find what you like!

Lastly, don’t be intimidated. Not everyone is as loquacious as I am. But it doesn’t take a lot of words to get the point across that someone is special to you. It also doesn’t have to be mushy! Have a new joke you want to share? Or perhaps you want to draw a picture? Bring on the pictograms! It all counts. Just start communicating and growing those authentic connections!

So stretch those hands (I know it might have been a while since you’ve held a pen), start thinking of all those people you adore and want to see how they’re doing, and take the 30 letters in 30 days challenge! I promise it will go better and will be more rewarding than most 30 day challenges out there!

SIGN UP AND GET YOUR FREE KIT HERE! (Hurry! Supplies run out quickly!)

If you do participate, be sure to post a picture of your writing with the official hashtag, #WRITE_ON!

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